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One of our Aims at Nellie Supports is to help individuals, families and communities. That's why we launched Gifts By Nellie. We have created a limited range of items, including our LifeStory book that helps families to capture memories from multiple perspectives, creating a unique biography of their loved ones.

Nellie Supports Director Ben Slater first developed the idea of the LifeStory book while working with looked after children. Lifestory work has been a standard tool of helping looked after children have some understanding of other lives. The examples of LifeStory books were of low quality, with standard questions such as "who was your teacher", the books had little imagination or engagement.

Later working with older adults, Ben began to understand how LifeStory work could support not only older adults but also their families create new memories supporting a more therapeutic engagement.

Nellie Supports spent two years developing our LifeStory book, ensuring it is engaging, therapeutic and most importantly, fun.

Nellie's LifeStory Book is a unique experience. It's your life; your story, your way. Our lives are unique, and whether you are completing this as a family member for a loved one or for yourself, it doesn't matter, there are no rules to completing this book.

The book is split into six chapters, and there are hundreds of stickers which can be used anywhere you want in the book.

Some of the questions will have meaning to you; some won't. You can use the stickers as prompts to write about your life, draw pictures, add photographs put whatever is important to you. Maybe the picture your granddaughter drew for you or the wedding photo that is so important.

The reason we created this was to inspire families and individuals to be creative, or not, depending on your personality. Some people will get this book and start at the beginning and work their way through, and that's fine, it's excellent, it's who you are. Others will fill some parts in and not others, and that's fine too. Some people will carefully colour the edges in; some will let their 3-year-old grandson do a wonderful job with his brand new felt tip pens.

This book isn't about who your first school teacher was unless they were important then put them in. The book is designed to make you and your families think about your life, what made you smile, what made you cry. Our most important thoughts aren't always happy thoughts, are loves are not always what is expected. My first love has and always be the American pop sensation Tiffany (it was the red hair!), but its important people know that. For me, It's more important than knowing who my first teacher was.

Our partnership with Ecologi also means that for every gift purchased, we plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint, ultimately protecting the global herd.